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The Health Care Services we provide

Blessings Health Care Services Limited
offers the following services to our clients:

Personal care services including incontinence care.

Awake nights, Sleep-ins, Sit-ins and Live-in Care.

Convalescent care.

Meal preparation and feeding.

Companionship service.

Transferring and positioning assistance.

Grocery shopping and running errands.

Holiday / respite care.

Light housework.

Any other services our service users may require.

Health Care Services

Health Care Services provided​

We work with our service users to evaluate the level of care and support they need and tailor our service provision to meeting their individual needs.

If you need help with day to day tasks such as listed below:

Then you may benefit from some of the services we provide, listed below:

You may benefit from some of the health care services we provide, listed below:

Personal Care Service

Blessings Health Care Services Limited care workers will assist you with personal care tasks such as, bathing, washing, dressing, and mobility, incontinence management to hel you manage the day and have a good night’s sleep. These services enhance clients’ mental as well as physical wellbeing, helping them feel positive about their appearance. Bathing not only cleanses the skin, but goes deeper to refresh the spirit, provides relaxation and stimulates circulation. Blessings Healthcare Services staff also assist clients with washing and combing their hair and other grooming tasks to enable them to feel good about their appearance. Blessings Healthcare Services can help clients with taking their medication. Blessings care workers can assist service users with opening medication containers, reading labels, getting the water and also reminding the service user when it is time to take their medication.

Awake nights, Sleep-ins, Sit-ins and Live-in Care

We provide a care worker to come into your home to sit with you during the day, simply to chat, watch TV with you or assist you with your daily activities. Should you wish our staff to stay overnight in case you get into difficulty, this can be arranged. An awake service is available for those service users who need frequent attention during the night. Sleep-in services are also available for those service users who want to have peace of mind knowing that they are not alone in the house during the night. A Live-in Service is available for those service users who need continuous care for varying lengths of time. We are able to provide you with a care worker to live with you in your home. The live-in care worker will carry out all personal care tasks, cook meals, do light house work, shopping, outing to places of interest all at your convenience.

Convalescent Care

We can plan and deliver post-hospital care. We will arrange your transfer from hospital and ensure that, with the involvement of your GP and relevant others, all equipment required after your hospital discharge is put in place before your arrival at home. We will provide an appropriately trained care worker to manage your care needs and make your recovery as comfortable and as stress free as possible. We will review your care plan regularly and adjust it according to your individual new care needs.

Meal preparation and feeding

Blessings Healthcare Services staff prepare hot, delicious, and nutritious meals, allowing service users to get involved with meal preparation according to their abilities. Many service users do not have the opportunity to eat well balanced meals, so this service helps older people to get the nutrition they need to enjoy healthier living. Blessings Healthcare Services staff can help with feeding the Service user if for any reason the service user requires this assistance.

Companionship Service

Blessings Healthcare Services Limited staff are available to provide service users company and engage in conversation, or sir down to share a meal together. Social contact such as this is proven to enhance the health, happiness and quality of life for seniors. The care worker can also assist with going on scheduled outings, arranging social activities, collecting pensions, prescriptions and management of appointments.

Transferring and positioning assistance

Blessings Healthcare Services Limited care workers are trained to move and place service users in correct posture positions to promote health and safety and proper functioning of the body’s many systems. Proper transferring and positioning from ot into beds and chairs eliminate pressure areas on the skin, reduce weakening and stiffening of muscles, and encourage proper breathing, and digestion. Blessings staff can also assist service users with mobility if client need and has to exercise.

Grocery shopping and running errands

Blessings Healthcare Services Limited care workers can help service users shop for groceries at stores of their preference and run errands, such as picking up prescriptions or going to the post office for them. Clients may choose to stay home or help with the shopping and errands as an excellent way to stay active and engaged.

Holiday / Respite Care

Blessings Healthcare Services Limited provides respite and holiday care and any other bespoke services which may be needed by our service users including emotional support and managing problems related to dementia, palliative and end of life care.

Light housework

Blessings Healthcare Services Limited care workers may perform light housekeeping services including vacuuming, dusting, sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning kitchens, straightening all rooms, organising closets and drawers and cleaning any interior windows which can be reached without a ladder, where this has been agreed. Blessings does not provide outdoor cleaning or maintenance services.

Care workers from Blessings can do laundry for the service user if this has been agreed. And must always ensure the laundry is done according to agreed arrangements and service user preferences. The service which can be done either at service user’s home or at a laundrette, may include washing, drying, ironing and putting things away.

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Blessings provides any other services our service users may require

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Blessings Healthcare Services Limited is an equal opportunity organisation which is registered with CQC and has full home care insurance cover.

We provide our services 24 hours a day, 7days a week and we take calls of 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes or more depending on service users’ individual needs.
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