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Worker Appreciation Day

    Blessings Healthcare Services Limited has recognised the contributions of their workers in various forms and set aside 26th April 2022 as their Worker Appreciation Day.

    On this day, workers were recognised for areas they have given their best to keep the wheels of the company turning.

    Awards were given for long service. Anyone who has worked for three to ten years for the company was recognised and awards were given, the highest for ten and the lowest one for three years in proportion.

    Another important award was for the Care Worker Star of the year. This was given to a worker who worked the most hours, was prepared to help when requested and also helped other carers when requested.

    An award was given for mentoring junior carers to meet the needs of service users and company objectives.

    An award was give for the most improved new care worker who made outstanding achievement in terms of care giving, being available in emergencies, and being appreciated by service users.

    A leadership award was given to the driver of the team for good coordination and service user liaison and thus steadying the Blessings ship.

    An award was given for a carer who referred new carers to come and work for Blessings.

    In fact all the carers on our book got an award for commitment.